Master Class with Marjory Barlow – Short Version

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In this workshop Marjory Barlow demonstrates how to give a lying down ‘turn’. The group of teachers gather around the teaching table where Marjory works with Michael Frederick on the table, she demonstrates and answers questions from the group.

Marjory Barlow was F. M. Alexander’s niece, she took lessons from him and trained with him to become a certified teacher in 1933. Married to Dr. Wilfred Barlow, a medical doctor who was also trained by FM, they ran one of the earliest training courses in London. Marjory was keen to ensure that F.M.’s message was not diluted, to continue to preserve the fundamentals of FM’s remarkable work. Marjory was always keen to point out that the real teaching of this technique is only imparted on a one to one basis.

Posted on 4 September 2021