Erika Whittaker talks about The Little School – Short Version

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Erika Whittaker talks to Sue Merry and Angelo Cinque about The Little School set up by FM Alexander to teach children his technique. Erika Whittaker lived in Strasbourg as a child where she took dancing lessons with Isadora Duncan’s sister. However, she said that she felt she was never very good being a large person and, she felt rather heavy and clumping.

When Erika was 16 (1927) her mother died and in 1928 she moved to London to live with her aunt Ethel Webb. Erika described how Ethel’s whole life was the Alexander work and how she feels she never thought of anything else. Erika now had lessons with Alexander and told me how her lessons with FM were tremendous fun with lots of laughing and joking. Apparently, he taught with the door of his teaching room open so that anyone who happened to be around could join in the fun. (Sue Merry)

Posted on 4 September 2021