Apply For Funding

We are a small and flexible grant-giving charity funding projects related to the Alexander Technique.  In the past we have funded research, publications, videos and events.  If you have a project that fits our funding criteria below, please send us your proposal – full details on how to do this are below. We have quarterly Trustee meetings but can make decisions in between by email discussion to allow us to respond quickly when necessary. If you’d like to chat to a Trustee before you send in a full proposal, please contact us and one of the Trustees will be in touch.

How to Apply for Funding

Proposals for projects must fulfil one or more of the aims of the Trust: To advance the education of the general public in the Alexander Technique and to promote research and study into all aspects of the Technique.

We provide funding in the region of £100-£5,000, either as a grant or as loan. Although we are flexible in what we are prepared to fund, we normally do not cover introductory classes or workshops, lessons or teacher training. We do not give retrospective funding. Generally, we do not expect the Trust to be the sole source of fund for any projects.

Please see what we support for examples of projects we have funded in the past.

Any questions? Please email us using our contact form.

The Application Process

Applications are made in two stages.

  1. Submission of an initial project outline either online or by post. Please allow 7-10 days for a response.
  2. If the project is eligible you will be invited to submit a full application form. You will be notified of our decision usually within 8-10 weeks.

Any details you submit will remain confidential and will not be passed on to any individual or organization, in accordance with the Trust’s privacy policy. However, we reserve the right to publish the details of any project which we fund in part or in whole.

The initial project outline form

Please provide a brief outline, including a budget, the proposed time line, and the anticipated benefit to the Alexander Technique.

Initial application form

The full application form

We will send you a full application form after a positive decision upon your initial project outline form, usually after 7-10 days.