Initial Funding Application

Please provide a brief outline, including a budget, the proposed time line, and the anticipated benefit to the Alexander Technique.

We strongly recommend after reading this form you compose your main text in a simple text editor where you can save your work just in case something happens which results in you losing your text, you can then cut and paste your main text into this form when you are ready.

Don't worry if the benefit is not listed in these tick boxes but be sure to cover this aspect in your description text
The description need not be exhaustive suggested topics for inclusion are, benefits and to whom? timescales, how will the money be spent?
Please give the amount in GBP/Sterling that you are applying for, later on you will be asked for a breakdown of costs.
Please double check for typing errors!
optional if you have a website
Please note our preferred method of initial contact is usually email especially if you are outside of the UK. Please remember to include dialing / area codes