Stony Brook Congress – Workshop with Patrick Macdonald

In this workshop Patrick Macdonald works with teachers from the group and demonstrates how we should get the “up flow” in the spinal column right, adding that you won’t find it easy to alter this by yourself.
Patrick Macdonald (1910–1991) was one of the foremost teachers of the Alexander Technique. He had lessons with FM Alexander from the age of 10, having been introduced to him by his father, a noted medical surgeon. He entered the first teacher training course in 1932 and upon graduation became an assistant teacher at Ashley Place. He began to train teachers at Ashley Place in 1956; his training course continued at Victoria and, in his final years, at his home near Lewes. In 1963 he gave the Alexander Memorial Lecture. His book The Alexander Technique as I See It was published in 1989.

Posted on 27 September 2021