Freiburg Congress 1999 – Highlights

Freiburg Congress 1999

Yet to come: nearly two and half hours of master classes, workshops and more from the Freiburg Congress in Germany 1999.

Contributors, mostly in order of appearance include

Anthony Spawforth, Elizabeth Walker, Marjorie Barlow, Michael Frederick, Mary Cox, Tommy Thompson, Sue Holladay (née Scott), Claude AnShin Thomas, Purna Steinitz, Prof. Kevan Martin, Lucia Walker, Cathy Madden, Jeremy Chance, H.G. Brecklinghaus, Peter Ribeaux, Rivka Cohen, Jamie McDowell, Vivien Mackie, Martha and Bruce Fertnam, Steven Shaw and of course everyone who attended!

Update: please visit the Freibrg Congress category to see the new Nov releases from Freiburg – more videos to follow!

Posted on 2 September 2021